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a happy couple might’ve got married today 

someone might’ve kissed their best friend and realized they are gay today

someone might’ve found out they were officially cancer free today

someone might’ve finally finished their debut novel today 

lots of interesting things might’ve happening today 

we should celebrate 

you’re the kind of person everyone needs in their lives

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The whole world has been against her. She’s become more of a punch line than a celebrity. Instead of celebrating with Lindsay about the small victories as you should with any type of addict (my step father was an alcoholic for 10 years) people have joked about how she can’t do it. I would cry too if someone finally told me to celebrate after spending so long being a joke.

This is awesome on so many levels

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Anonymous asked: tell us your most embarrassing story



So a while back i was at this party and i was the first girl to arrive and there were like 20 guys already there, we were all siting around, having a beer and whatnot when the dj arrived. So all the guys went out the front of the house to help set up the dj gear and it was just me sitting there alone in the backyard for like 5 minuets. I stood up to go follow them bc i was getting really bored when i realized something, my period had gone through my white pants and stained the while chair, i was humiliated, i had no idea what to do, i could hear the guys were coming back and i had to do something quick, time was running out. So i grabbed the chair, ran like 10 meters and threw it over the fence into the neighboring yard, i quickly walked back and tied my jacket around my waist. The guys soon returned and didn’t suspect a thing, i am amazing.


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Going to College (Hopefully) on Fundly



This is hella super embarassing but you know what? I’m desperate! So my dad works hard and is amazing and always there for me but the economy is hard right now man, and I have realized that I am not going to be able to go back to school if I dont figure out how to pay for it, well mostly housing. I have no where to live! My loans and scholarships have covered tuition but my school doesnt have dorms so in a few short weeks I will be homeless not fun at all. 

So this is my last ditch attempt to salvage this mess of my educational life. I have nothing to offer you guys but my undying graditude. I understand if you can’t donate to my seemingly mediocre cause, like times are tough, but if you could even just reblog this link so as many people as possible see it I’d be much obliged.

I’m following every person who reblogs this, and also I mean if you can donate thats totally cool too.

I love you guys so much



apparently you can like share this on twitter and facebook and I would be so much obliged if you chose to do either. oaky thanks <3 

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Wicked songs explained

No One Mourns the Wicked:
The catchy celebratory song relating to a death.
Dear Old Shiz:
The song that eases us into a flashback
The Wizard and I:
A song filled with an unbelievable amount of irony and foreshadowing.
What is this feeling?:
The song with sexual tension.
Something Bad:
The song that helps build the plot.
Dancing Through life:
The YOLO song
The song that hints Galinda's crush on Elphie.
I'm Not That Girl:
The beautiful but sad song.
One Short Day:
The fun song.
Sentimental Man:
The Wizard's innocent song
Defying Gravity:
The empowering song that teaches you to be strong, independent, and make brooms fly with the right spell.
Thanks Goodness:
The song that's actually very sad.
Wicked Witch of the East:
The song they should have included on the album.
The Wizard's song in attempt to get you back on his side.
I'm Not That Girl (Reprise):
The 'wow what a plot twist' song.
As Long As You're Mine:
The passionate love song
No Good Deed:
The song that will send chills down your spine.
March of the Witch Hunters:
The song that's kinda gruesome.
For Good:
The song that will have you bawling your eyes out
The song that will shatter your heart into many pieces and have you scheduling your next therapy appointment because you're not emotionally okay.

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